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Topics Covered in the Program

  • Education Funding

  • Financial Aid Planning

  • Planning with Education Tax Deductions and Credits

  • Student Loan Advising

  • Practical Planning Strategies for High Income and High Net Worth Individuals

  • Practical Planning Strategies for Business Owners

  • Practical Planning Strategies for Divorced/Divorcing Couples and Non-Traditional Families

  • Practical Planning Strategies for Grandparents

Detailed Course Curriculum

Interactive Modules + Effective Assessment = Engaging Learning Experience

  • 1

    Education Funding

    • Lesson (6 Modules)

    • Lesson Quiz (14 Questions)

  • 2

    Financial Aid Planning

    • Lesson (4 Modules)

    • Lesson Quiz (22 Questions)

  • 3

    Planning with Education Tax Deductions and Credits

    • Lesson (2 Modules)

    • Lesson Quiz (12 Questions)

  • 4

    Student Loan Advising

    • Lesson (3 Modules)

    • Lesson Quiz (25 Questions)

  • 5

    Practical Planning Strategies

    • Lesson (5 Modules)

    • Lesson Quiz (27 Questions)

Why Become a CCFC?

Here are the three main benefits you will receive by becoming a CCFC

  • Knowledge

    You will be more knowledgeable than 99% of financial planners and advisors in the field, which will allow you to stand out from the pack and provide practical guidance and solutions for your clients immediately!

  • Community

    You will gain access to the private community forum where you can discuss the latest planning strategies and client cases with fellow CCFCs and your instructor as well!

  • Resources

    You will have unlimited access to the resource center, which includes PowerPoint presentations, planning checklists, report templates, calculators, and more!

Who Can Become a CCFC?

Advisors who possess at least one of the following professional credentials, degrees, or licenses are eligible to become a Certified College Financial Consultant (CCFC)

  • CPA | PFS | CFP | ChFC | CFA
  • CLU | EA | CDFA | AFC | FPQP
  • MS in Taxation | LLM in Taxation
  • Series 65 License

Testimonials and Feedback

Here is what advisors have to say about the CCFC program and live webinars they have attended in the past!

“This webinar was life changing for me. I am a CPA and have 2 teenage kids and was wanting to learn more about college savings and financial aid and after this webinar I am very interested in pursuing becoming a Certified College Financial Consultant. It would be a good addition to my tax practice for off-season revenue and I have several clients that have expressed a need for this service.”

Kevin (North Liberty, IA)

“I am not a CPA, however, I am a financial coach helping people in various aspects of their daily money management and wanted to see if I could learn something to be more helpful. This course on Student Loans blew me away and now I see how much the average borrower doesn't know. Thanks for making this available to other industries and not just CPAs. I'll share with others that can benefit from this. I'm so glad one of them took time to tell me about this.”

Penny (Loveland, CO)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this topic and thought the presenter was excellent; he moved at a perfect pace and was very engaging. This topic is more relevant personally than professionally, but it has inspired me to consider delving further into this area professionally.”

Grey (Mount Vernon, OH)

“An excellent overview of the financial planning aspects of college costs. Each topic could have been easily an hour long. The speaker did a remarkable job of hitting the important points to consider. This was one of the best webinars I have taken.”

Walter (Middlebury, VT)

“Great webinar - presenter was top notch and topic is of interest to anyone with a child or anyone whose clients have a child! Informative, concrete examples, and action steps provided.”

Michele (Hamden, CT)

“Very good webinar. The presenter was very knowledgeable and was covering a topic that my clients regularly ask me about. Now I have some additional ideas on how to help them!!!”

Kaitlin (Boonville, IN)

“Exceptional presentation. Very pertinent to today's higher education funding problem for so many parents. I learned a lot of valuable info for my personal situation too!”

Theresa (Thornton, CO)

“Excellent Webinar and imperative if you, your child, or client will be taking out student loans... Don't without taking this course first!”

Patricia (Rockville, MD)

“The case examples were extremely helpful. Ross is clearly an expert in his field and his presentation of the information is easy to follow and well received.”

Andria (Wenham, MA)

“This is a great course. With all families trying to figure out how to pay for college this will become a very important part of helping your clients plan for the future. Most families have no idea where to start. Ross did an excellent job and is very knowledgeable."”

Cynthia (Ashtabula, OH)

Designation Program Fees

  • Initial Fee


    This is a one-time cost that enables you to complete the education course requirements to become a CCFC, receive CE credits, and gain access to the community forum and resource center.

  • Annual Fee

    $149 / Year

    This annual recurring fee allows advisors to maintain their CCFC designation and allows for continuous access to the community forum, resource center, and course content updates.

  • Are there any additional CE requirements imposed to maintain the CCFC designation?

    4 Hours / Year

    CCFC designation holders must complete 4 hours of continuing education on an annual basis. This continuing education is provided for free through quarterly webinars hosted by CPA Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take me to complete the CCFC education course?

    15 Hours

    The CCFC education course should take approximately 15 hours on average to complete. Applicants can move through the program at their own pace and they must complete the program within 6 months of enrollment.

  • What is the online course experience like?


    The online course experience is comprised of interactive learning modules that use text, interactive objects, and video along with multiple choice quizzes at the end of each lesson that require students to score above a 70% in order to successfully complete the course. There are 100 assessment questions in total. The learning platform works extremely well on mobile devices and tablets as well!

  • Can I earn CE credit for this program?

    15 CE Credits (CFP Board)

    Applicants who successfully complete the CCFC designation program will earn 15 CE Credits that are approved by the CFP Board.